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Hack WiFi password

Pass Wifi

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Hack WiFi password


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Minimum System Requirements:

check Windows 2000; XP; Vista; 7; 8; 10

check 1Ghz, 256Mb RAM, 5Mb free

check Compatible 32 Bits / 64 Bits


star Works on multi-station

star Last update 10.01.2017

star Free update

star Compatible with multiple accounts

star In English


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How to hack a WiFi access key?

It allows any user to hack a wireless network without knowing the password without time limits and any time you need. Even if the password is complicated or not, PASSWORD WIFI will decipher the security key.

With a very powerful analysis capability, PASSWORD WIFI scans in real time the network connections to extract login ID. Designed for novices and experienced users, the software interface has been simplified! It will reveal the name of the WIFI with its associated password!


This video shows PASSWORD WIFI recovering
passwords of WIFI networks.


How does the WiFi hacker work?

PASSWORD WIFI is the easiest WIFI code decryption software ever!

Created for the sole purpose of helping people wanting to have an Internet connection on their device, PASSWORD WIFI operates through technical analysis and sophisticated decryption methods. Even if the security code is complex, PASSWORD WIFI decodes WEP, WPA or WPA2 keys instantly for you.

Here's how it works:
- You save the program on the machine accessing the wireless network.
- You read the recommendations given by the software.

The program will make several phases of analysis, it will connect, scan the network properties and display the names associated with the wireless security key. Then you will have to save them to a text file in order not to forget them.


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    Hack a Wifi password

    With Password WLAN, have fun by hacking all wifi keys codes T-Online, Android Hotspot to access the Internet from anywhere. Through this program you can crack all Wifi passwords of anyone with a box or a WiFi rooter. Easy and simple to use, this application installs in minutes on your computer wishing to access the Internet. And once executed, it will automatically hack all security keys for network connections. 100% guaranteed result. Be careful, this should be done on your account. Respect the laws of your country.

    How to Hack a Wireless Password?

    We should warn you that cracking WPA2 keys so far is in developing progress and this option will be available in the new version of PASSWORD Wifi. Then WiFi Password Hack is the right software for you. It can hack any type of network encryption with the click of a button. WEP, WPA, WPA2 or whatever it is, it's no match for WiFi Password Hack. Wifi Hacker Prank is the best way to prank your friends into thinking you are a technical genius and shows off as if you have special powers compared to them. Wifi Prank has nice UI and professional analyzer animations and hence you appear very professional to your friends. Easy to fool and prank your friends with this prank. You need to have some programming & networking knowledge to completely understand the mechanism of the software. But in short it searches for the WiFi around it and connect to them. And start receiving the packets from them and analyzing them. Finally, it tries to decrypt the packets to get the WiFi password. This application can crack WPA, WEP and even WPA2 password protected networks. Wifi Password Hack can also recover lost or forgotten Wi-Fi passwords at home, work, and school! In the most updated version of this tool, it only takes 5-10 minutes to get Wi-Fi anywhere! It's on the way to become extremely popular and I will consider how long it will stay free. WiFi password hack is definitely worth the download!

    Wifi hack
    Hack Wifi password

    Once you have downloaded the dictionary file you can go back to the main screen, hit the refresh button and it will show you which routers are 'vulnerable', meaning it can find the password to that router, just type the 'vulnerable' network to be presented with the key and then connect to the network with the key, simple! If a hacker knows the content of one packet, he can use the collision to view the contents of the other packet. If enough packets are collected with IV matches, your network's security can be compromised. This tutorial will show you how to crack WPA2 and WPA secured wireless networks. If you wish to hack your neighbors wireless fidelity or if you go to any public spot, simply you would like few clicks for hacking around vary wireless fidelity.

    WIFI Password Recovery is a fast and intuitive application whose purpose is to recover wireless network connection passwords. The installation procedure takes little time to finish and does not need special input from the user. You are shown a simple interface that consists of a regular window with a plain layout. All existing Wi-Fi passwords are automatically shown at initialization, together with the service set identification (SSID), authentication method, encryption mode, and connection type. This Wifi Password Hack is very easy to use. You can do the last steps: Write the username, check what is security type on Wifi that you want to hack, and go on HACK Password. Is very EASY! Just keep in mind that this is for standard wireless connections, don't try to hack the White House's Wifi connection unless you want to meet someone of the secret services. Have you ever dreamed that you can hack a password of any WiFi network? Now you can.

    Your neighbor has a very good wireless connection but protected? He doesn’t want to give you the password of its WiFi? So let me tell you that you can hack the password of his WiFi network in less than a minute with your Android Smartphone.

    Before showing you how to do it, let's first see what WPA/WPS means.

    Wi-Fi Protected Access (Wi-Fi Protected Access) is a mechanism for securing wireless Wi-Fi networks. It was created in the early 2000s in response to WEP's many weaknesses.

    WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is a mechanism that allows you to connect to a secure WPA / WPA2 wireless network without entering the password, just by pressing a button (with an icon that looks like the Refresh button of the browser) on the router.

    The WPS is vulnerable, so it will allow us to find the WPA passwords of WiFi networks very easily with the Smartphone. The time has come to avoid this unjustified loss of time! Thanks to your android phone, you will be able to hack all WiFi encrypted in WPS/WPA. Our premium software first scans all the WiFi networks that are available in your area and makes synchronization with each one. Then, after receiving a certain amount of packages that has enough data to work with, it uses advanced decryption and WiFi password hack process.

    It may take up to 3-5 minutes to decrypt some networks if they use the latest and strong encryption like WPA2, but usually it recovers the password in less than 2 minutes. Time also depends on the complexity of the password is, if it is only lowercase or is a mixture of lowercase and uppercase, and if there are special characters and numbers.


    The connected objects are regularly at the center of criticism for their inability to be sufficiently secure. And this time, it is the printers that appear particularly vulnerable. Some security flaws remain in place for years before being discovered: this is the case this time with a flaw that affects a large number of connected printers. It was thought that time had done its work and that connected printers were now benefiting from a certain mastery of the manufacturers, in particular with regard to the security they offer. The reality is probably quite different from researchers who put forward a large-scale fault present in a large number of models. Do you know that hackers could watch how someone types passwords by interpreting subtle changes in the WiFi signal? If you enter passwords, make sure that nobody is looking over your shoulder. But hackers can even find out through walls where the user's fingers are on the tablet or mobile phone with our PASSWORD WIFI software. This is by interpreting fine fluctuations in the WiFi signal. Almost every day you read of security gaps in WLAN routers. The possible consequences of a router gap can be banal, but you can also lost a lot of money: for example, if hackers hijack the log-in data for your phone access and lead expensive conversations at your expense or the acquired router is underpinned by phishing websites, which passwords for online banking and shopping. Many hacker attacks are aimed at integrating the router into a botnet, for example to send spam emails. Because the router is the gateway to the local network, even files on network computers are not secure in a router gap. However, you do not always recognize immediately whether a hacker has succeeded in penetrating your router. On holidays and lack of Internet connection, you decide to use a public WiFi network to check mails and social networks. Be careful, these unsafe connections can be dangerous. As soon as you arrive at the hotel or restaurant, you scroll through the available WiFi networks and connect to the one that does not display a lock-an open network. Problem, the latter may not be as secure as you think. Indeed, it is possible to give the desired name to a wireless network. A hacker can easily create a fake hotspot with the name of a restaurant or hotel. This operation allows the hacker to have access to your most sensitive emails, call history, passwords, social networks... Beware especially networks in airports, often the target of hackers little scrupulous.

    Hack WiFi now!

    Free WiFi is an option almost compulsory for hotels, guest houses, restaurants, cafes, shops... Only behind these "offered" connections, your private and sensitive data from your smartphone, tablet, computer, portable game console... must not travel without safety. Free WiFi hotspots are a source of risk. Your online connections are likely to be intercepted in different ways by a particular man-in-the-middle attack. Imagine a malevolent person present in a public place, on the terrace of a cafe for example and that he named his equipment "Café-WiFi FREE". When you connect to it, it connects you to the Internet via its equipment but it is also able to divert all the traffic between you and your shopping site for example. It thus obtains the detail of your payments, your address, your login identifiers, etc... everything private! To prevent sensitive data from being intercepted, you must use a trusted VPN service when you access a public WiFi network. If you try to connect to public hotspots, you should know that there are many inexpensive or free VPN services that will secure your connection. One of the golden rules is to avoid connecting to unknown WiFi networks, for example in a place where you do not have your habits. Free WiFi in a hotel where you stay has more chance of being secured but it is not without risk. Another good practice is to make sure that your connection is secured or encrypted when you connect online from a public place or when you make a banking or commercial transaction. Check in the address bar of your browser that the address starts with https:// rather than http://, to validate that SSL encryption is activated in sort to protect your transactions. Enabling SSL is essential, but it only secures communication flows, not your data, which is vulnerable when connected to a malicious access point. So, if you connect to a WiFi network, make sure of its legitimacy. The TLS is to promote more than anything. Finally, this little bonus advice: disable automatic WiFi connections on your smartphone, computer... Otherwise, if you connect to a malicious access point, your equipment might well remember it and it will automatically reconnect when that access point is back in range. Having Internet access, answering emails or watching a streaming film at 10,000 meters of altitude will soon be a reality for all passengers. With the explosion of the number of smartphones and the development of terrestrial networks (4G, fiber...), being permanently connected has become a habit for the majority of individuals. Connectivity is perceived as a priority on the ground or in the air, as evidenced. The airlines have gradually become aware that the quality of the WiFi offered to their passengers had a direct impact on their brand. Some of them may have suffered from poor service quality in the last two years and now require more stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs) from their suppliers and want to ensure That the bandwidth delivered to the aircraft can meet the increasing demand of passengers. What most passengers want is the reliability of the connection (not interruption of service in particular) more than the throughput speed or the price. As a result, network operators (terrestrial or satellite solution), located upstream of the value chain, plays an increasingly important role within the ecosystem: the new generation of multibeam satellites (worldwide) is expected to significantly increase bandwidth capacity, enabling airlines to improve the passenger experience. The increase in the number of connected aircraft and the expected increase in bandwidth consumption per passenger militate for a sustained development of the in-flight connectivity market. Beyond the cabin connectivity, the coming years will see the emergence of the 'intelligent' aircraft. With the live transmission of information gathered by the multitude of embedded sensors, airlines will deploy "big data" strategies, thus optimizing flight operations, aviation safety and contributing to the design of the "Aircraft of the future. Our software let you hack any WiFi password even if you are in the air!

    European researchers have discovered vulnerability in the protocol used to secure WiFi exchanges. Potentially, the latter are no longer protected. A problem that concerns us all.

    Since yesterday, the case is headline newspaper. A team of researchers discovered a flaw in the WPA2 protocol. Does that sound like Chinese hackers and you feel you are not concerned? You are wrong. The WPA2 protocol is used by billions of devices: smartphones, tablets, computers, routers and internet boxes. Without it, all the information transmitted via the network can be intercepted. Rare WiFi security hackers patches. This is precisely what the experts in WiFi hacker have done. Thanks to the PASS WIFI software, forcing the reinstallation of already used cryptographic keys, they succeeded in short-circuiting the network security and introducing themselves. The rest is a breeze: This can be used to hack sensitive information such as credit card numbers, passwords, instant messages, emails, photos, etc... summarizes the team on the site which she created to present her work. The group that sets the standards for wireless networks, stressed that users should not give way to panic. There is no evidence that this flaw has already been exploited to hack into a WiFi network, the consortium said, claiming to have taken action. A reassuring posture that contrasts with the wind of panic that has been blowing since yesterday in cyber security circles. Held secretly by its discoverers even if it had been question during conventions of hackers the fault had been revealed to the constructors. But if some patches have already been deployed, the overwhelming majority of devices are still vulnerable to WiFi hacker. And many, for lack of update, probably will remain.

    So what to do? The most paranoid will already have deactivated their WiFi network and out of the closet their old Ethernet cables. The others will simply wait for hypothetical updates. Meanwhile, it is more than ever recommended to privilege encrypted websites (in https): in this way, your data will be difficult to exploit by a hacker hidden under your windows to intercept them.

    Please note that changing your password or security protocol will not work. All versions of WPA are potentially concerned with WiFi hacking, and returning to its WEP ancestor would be a very bad idea. Since the early 2000s, the latter is pirated in a few minutes. It is for this reason that the WPA was developed...

    To fully understand, WPA2 (for WiFi Protected Access) is a security feature. Specifically, it allows encrypting the exchanges between your different devices once they are connected to the WiFi network. It was considered long ago as the method of encryption the safest. And for good reason: in thirteen years of existence, until now, no hacker had managed to jeopardize his safety.

    The WiFi hacker researcher explains could be used to hack WiFi access to information that one might think encrypted safely, whether it be credit card numbers, passwords, messages on sites or email, photos, etc. To do this, it was enough to use PASS WIFI able to manipulate the encryption procedure, which launches each time a new device connects to the network.

    From there, a hacker would be able to create a phantom clone of the targeted WiFi network, which he would have deliberately weakened security. Therefore, the next time you connect, you will connect to this clone network instead of your usual network. The pirate will then be able to spy on your activity thanks to specific software, details the security expert on his website.

    According to the security expert, if a hacker launched a computer attack while taking advantage of this vulnerability, it could target many terminals: smartphones, PCs, connected objects, etc., as well as all operating systems (MacOS , Windows, iOS and Android). The main danger lies in places that offer a public WiFi, such as airport or train halls, but also cafes. The latter are targets of choice for hackers because they bring together a large number of people on a single network. While waiting for the deployment of solutions to secure your WiFi connection, it is recommended to privilege the 4G. The WiFi of wireless networks however stressed that users should not give way to panic. There is no evidence that this flaw has been exploited for bad purposes and the alliance has taken immediate steps to ensure that WiFi networks are used safely. But PASS WIFI hacks WiFi connections. In any case, a criminal who pirate the transmission will receive all the data, but all the data will not be readable, underlines in a press release the publisher of Internet hacker. Encodings that are not related to data transmission, such as those used for HTTPS, SSH, and VPN tunnels will not be affected. A hacker who wants to open all the data should then crack them separately. To prevent this, it is advisable to install, as soon as possible, the security updates that will be deployed on all connected devices to fill this gap.

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